May 30th, 2009

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Mars needs coffee

1. So I was reading a post-DADT fic. And I didn't like it very much, because Keller and John were fighting over Rodney, and John was acting like a sex kitten (which I have no problems with, but the story was too serious for it to work) and Keller was acting like a raging hosebeast to John. And I was thinking, "Damn, author, I know nobody liked her, but give the poor woman more credit than that."

And then it occurred to me that it was exactly how Keller would have reacted to the situation in canon.

And then I felt sad.

I really want fandom to fix Keller for me, because I never wanted to hate her. It just doesn't feel right to hate Jewel Staite. I really want her to be what she was obviously meant to be, and what she could have been if she'd been introduced three seasons earlier before the writing got so fucking ham-fisted.

2. Also? I want to read a post-DADT fic where John and Rodney come out, and everybody's being dicks to Rodney, and he thinks it's because they're all a bunch of dirty homophobes, but it turns out they're just pissed he stole John away before anybody else could.

3. I need Gyakuten Kenji, like, yesterday.

4. My little brother was in town when I went home last week, so I finally got to show him Jason Momoa and express that they look just alike (if my brother were a hundred pounds lighter and Hawaiian). I don't think he bought it, but I think he was secretly pleased, especially because he's dreading his hair at the moment (and it looks fucking AWFUL, but dreads take a long time).

(This is why I can't write Ronon porn.)

5. I started, like, three stories yesterday, and then couldn't bring any of them home. Hopefully today. The world needs Edgeworth/Sheppard.
marvel - purple barton

Everybody needs more Ronon.

Title: Tea and Sympathy
Summary: Just a peaceful day in Atlantis.
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Word Count: 1351
Rating/Warnings: PG, fluff, language
Pairing: Ronon+John friendship, Rodney/John
A/N: I heart Ronon. That is all.

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