May 31st, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Shut up, I'm spammy today

It has taken me THIS LONG to realize that Sheppard's wristband is a) black b) worn on his right wrist.

Now I have a perfect mental image of Rodney coming to lunch one day, just yapping up a storm. And then suddenly he notices John's wristband, and he shouts, "Oh my god, Sheppard, you're cruising in the middle of the mess hall? In broad daylight? What the hell is wrong with you? Are you trying to get your ass kicked- oh wait, never mind, of course you are! I hope for your sake, somebody picks you up and beats some sense into you," and then he turns around and stomps out.

And John is just sitting there, dazed, going, "...but... it's a sweat band. I'm wearing it 'cause... I'm sweaty? I don't- but-'s just that the white one doesn't match my outfit... did that make sense to anybody else? Am missing something?"

And Teyla and Ronon are just sitting there shrugging, and Ronon's all like, "Unless he thinks you're working for the Elite Guard of the Warlords of Triceria on the weekends, I got nothin'," and Teyla's all, "I thought perhaps you were in mourning for someone who was not particularly close to you, but I do not know why that would be offensive to Rodney."

And John is all confused and vaguely saddened as he eats his turkey sandwich.

And then maybe Rodney stops by John's room later and shows him a thing or two about getting sweaty.
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