June 1st, 2009

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Oh, Harry Dresden. Never change.

Title: The Want of a Nail
Summary: Harry's spell doesn't go exactly as planned.
Fandom: The Dresden Files (books)
Word Count: 1531
Rating/Warnings: R, dubcon
Pairing: Harry/Everyone
Disclaimer: The Dresden Files/Codex Alera is copyright Jim Butcher. This story is licensed under the Creative Commons as derivative, noncommercial fiction.
A/N: For rounds_of_kink, for which you can still sign up! And claim one of my prompts! Cause nobody has! And you wouldn't want to deprive the world of John/Daniel gunplay, would you? Thanks to beccastareyes and theniwokesoftly for clearing up my canon confusion. Also, this is my second attempt at the fandom and first attempt at writing magic in the style of the books, so forgive me if it's a little off.

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marvel - purple barton


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1a. Some of the comments to this post kind of made me sporffle out loud.

Among other things.

2. I still haven't decided whether to sign up for boostlethon. But it's got Boostle! And... thon! But there's also, like, a billion other challenges to sign up for.

3. I'm still gonna slap them damn people from the LSA. It is just too much drama. If I lose classes over this mess, I am gonna shit my pants.

4. I am hella behind on replying to comments (I didn't expect that last story to get so many!). But rest assured, I am trying to catch up.