June 9th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Wine? Nap? Romance novel? All three?

1. So I was feeling like crap this afternoon, but those GQMFs at ontd_startrek cheered me right up. Macros make my life better. Trufax.

2. One more thing about Big Bang, then I'll save it for bigbang_support and the filter: Dude, why is LJ suddenly all het up about consent while I'm writing Rodney's 20000 word struggle to be That Guy?

(Er, not to say that he stops struggling after the first half or anything, it's just that the story takes a major turn there.)

3. Come on, people, there's got to be some excuse to write Zelenka/Chekov.

4. Am considering giving vidding one more go before I chuck it into the bin; have an idea for a short (< 2 min), funny vid for a starter. Only now I can't figure out how to suppress audio. Argh.

5. OMG arymabeth this weekend. We are going to drink so much wine. And possibly go to the kids' science museum. Preferably not in that order.