June 12th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

I wonder if I could just eat the raspberry leaves right out of the bag

1. Did you ever have a day where you tried and tried to write, where you wanted to write, but everything you wrote came out stilted and wrong (for the LOVE OF FUCK, I had to rewrite that sentence three times)?

I keep flashing back to my old accompanist; bless her, she really didn't handle the English language or departmental drama real well, so she'd bitch to me about it constantly, since I was the One Sane Man of the voice majors (which is why I have a BA in anthropology). And when she'd get really pissed off, she'd pull at her hair and shout, "This is so suck!"

That's what I feel like today.

1a. Fed up with writing; will produce only Sheppard macros (for he is much like a cat) from now on.

1b. Despite that, I did actually write a little something today, wherein Rodney is a big drama queen and John is long-suffering. Sandwiches are involved. And while you're there, check out the other comments for further awesome. Oh- and I also pinch hat for remixthedrabble, and when you see it, all of you will TOTALLY AND IMMEDIATELY KNOW that I wrote it. Just sayin'. The other three, maybe not so much, but this one might as well have my username all over it.

2. Remind me when I'm feeling less bitchy that I want to do a big thinky meta post about genderswap, mpreg, noncon (the h/c flavor, not the "I'm going to stop pretending people don't get off on this/whoops it was really consent play, lol" kinds), what they say about fandom, and why they can be tools for good rather than overblown angst and OOC behavior.

3. In the category of new shit you should read, Life, the Universe, and Everything is absolutely adorable.

3a. In the category of old shit you should read, I finally read Rebuilding Babel, and holy damn, it's a long time since a fic knocked me on my ass like that one.

3b. Lately, I've been in the mood for a long hard read. I mean, I've got a whole epic-length tag on delicious, but if there's anything I haven't got that you think I should read, hit me up. No character death or unequivocally tragic endings, plz, but h/c wouldn't be amiss; I particularly like the ones where somebody ends up getting fucked up by an Ancient device. McShep preferred, though if you know of any good long Weir/Zelenka or Phoenix/Edgeworth (Ancient devices not necessary, obvs, but certainly welcomed), that would be excellent.

4. For the past three days, I've had a loop of Like a Boss, I'm On a Boat, Too Many Dicks, and Single Ladies stuck in my head.

I totally and utterly blame ontd_startrek.

5. Oh, oh, quick, somebody remind me- what episode is it where Rodney gets shot in the ass and we see his lemony boxers?