July 15th, 2009

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A lot of things that feed one another

1. Allow me to sum up why I'm behind on comments again, and, indeed, my thoughts on commenting in general:

2. God, y'all, I'm so exhausted. My brain is so full of linguistic theory that I feel it might just pop out of my skull at any given moment. I have two (shortish) papers to write before Comic-Con, and an abstract (that I only just decided to submit, uh, yesterday) due on the 31st. The papers I'm not so much worried about, but the abstract is fucking killing me. I'm a little worried about the exploratory, reflexive nature of some of this stuff anyway, and trying to write it in a format that I've (being used to writing abstracts for anthropology) never used before. Lord.


Perhaps I will finally get to see HBP then? I assume that'll be the choice for movie night?

4. Happy birthday to that loveliest of lovelies, whose chibis are the great and undying love of my heart, chkc!
marvel - purple barton

I'm in ur fandom, queerin ur narrative

So, I decided I needed a break from doing linguistic theory.

And I used it to write meta about gender norms. ::headdesk::

But anyway, mercurtin started this discussion about the verse I've been working on (see Fever High and Get Down and Crawl) and ladycat777's Marriedverse, so blame her. She makes some really excellent points about why these stories simply don't work as stories about canon females. I went off in a totally different direction, based on the shorter comment version of that post, and also this got long; I'm posting it here, but I strongly suggest reading her post first.

I should also point out that while ladycat777 is lovely and moist and sticky and what not, we're not affiliated in any way; I actually haven't finished reading her het McShep stories, though what I've seen is excellent.

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On a related note, gail19 asked:

Did Meredith donate eggs before having her tubes tied? Cuz *enquiring minds* really need to know.

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