July 22nd, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Okay, look. I honestly never thought I'd have to say this, but:

Please, please, please do not show fic I've written to people involved in the media upon which it is based.

I know they could find it at any time. Trust me, I get that; I'm certain that Brad Wright knows all about mckay_sheppard, and it really wouldn't surprise me at all if Kohta Hirano lurked at hellsing. I've never been conceited enough to believe that anybody would ever want to read my fic, but I'm pretty peaceful with the fact that, out of the three-hundred-odd (and they have been odd) stories I've written, chances are at least one of them's been stumbled over by someone connected to the canon it concerns.

That doesn't mean you should help them along.

I'm sure, in a certain light, it probably seems like you're doing me a solid, but, really, David Hewlett does not need to be all up in my livejournal. It would likely scare him half to death, and he seems like such a nice man. And no, it doesn't make a difference whether you email it to him or tweet it at him or print it out and mail it to his agent; because any way you do it, you put him in a horribly awkward position, and you make me look like a crazy person. Worst of all, when you do it without my consent or knowledge, I don't get a chance to defend myself from that. And considering how emphatic I am about not embarrassing myself in front of famous people or invading their already diminished privacy, I find it particularly impolite and invasive.

So seriously. Don't. It's not cool.

(I know it wasn't any of you guys, because you are all lovely and sparkly and such. <3)