August 17th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

I has a sleepy pitbull and a numbered list

Writing CRITIQUE Meme!

Please? I'm forever doing these things, because I am endlessly, hopelessly insecure, especially about my writing. And I'm having a bitch of a time lately of actually getting stuff down. I keep having idea after idea, writing three hundred words of it, and then just totally... losing it. I think I've started seven different WIPs in as many days. I am still steady picking at my Big Bang, but not nearly as quickly as I would like.

1a. Speaking of Big Bang, there is a brand new, never been posted snippet over here, if you're interested.

2. I am officially back from Berkeley, about which I am both happy and sad. Happy, because my roommate eventually drove me batshit crazy; sad, because I am sad to leave my friends and dude. I'm in Jackson for the next little while, then probably a stop in Oxford, then on to Nashville, then OMG my birthday and Dragon*Con are in like three weeks! Fangirls! The Flan! Debauchery!

3. Still steady watching Blake's 7. ADORE it. I just keep watching it and thinking, "This is what the fuck science fiction should be like." And I have to say, I see why people ship Blake/Avon, but the show is quickly reaching "everybody on this spaceship is fucking everybody else, aren't they?" territory for me.

And I am still totally unspoiled, so if you say anything to me about it, I will bawl like a little girl.