October 21st, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Reposts = good for the soul

Title: With Style and With Grace
Summary: Elizabeth had never understood the phrase "infuriatingly calm" before.
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Word Count: 631
Rating/Warnings: PG, language, established relationship, magical fpreg
Pairing: Elizabeth Weir/Kate Heightmeyer
A/N: Written for havocthecat for sg_femslash Mini-Ficathon Round 9.

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marvel - purple barton

As wine approaches 0, capslock approaches 1

1. I have been mainlining NCIS again. Oh, NCIS. How dearly and entirely accidentally I love you.

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1b. You guys don't even understand how much Gibbs/Abby/McGee I need to write. Oh my god, it's like Jack/Sam/Daniel: the sooner you understand that they are doing it, the sooner you will achieve inner peace, and the more sense the show will make to you. Clearly Gibbs lets Tony come over on the weekends, but only when he and McGee have been very, very good.

And then I will post it to both gibbs_abby and mcabby_shipper and BLOW THEIR FRAGILE MINDS (and, of course, ncis_puppylove, but they'll just be all, "OMG YAY, somebody posted! Hurrah!"). MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

(Sidebar: Why yes, I have been drinking peach sangria for several hours. Why do you ask?)

1c. I also need so much fic with Abby squeeing over McGee and how precious he is. Cause she's totally got the retro-rockabilly thing going on, and he's so sweet with his little typewriters and his pipe and his turtlenecks, and I think she would find him atavistically adorable. And he'd be all kicked back and thinking he was so suave and dashing, and she'd just run up to him squealing about how precious he was, pinching his little cheeks and all, and he'd be all flustered and slightly disappointed and adorable.

1d. Have I expressed to you my theory concerning McKay and McGee? Because I think that all the things people mistakenly believe about Rodney re: his being a soft and cuddly woobie from whom no evil can spring are actually true about Tim. Other than the fact that they, y'know, both have spines.

2. I would like to talk to you about Sons of Anarchy; I do not watch it, but apparently it is rather good and has Ron Perlman in it. What I would like to discuss, however, is these here promotional stills. I would like to briefly outline for you my thought process, which I believe will explain to you why I feel that the costume designers are fucking with me on purpose.

You see, my thoughts went something like this: "Mitch Pileggi has a new show? ::clicks:: Mmmm, Mitch Pileggi in a wifebeater. Unf, tattooed Mitch Pileggi in a wifebeater. Wait, is that- OH MY FUCK, THAT IS A SWASTIKA. ON HIS CHEST. I JUST OGLED A WHITE SUPREMACIST. I AM GOING TO HELL FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. GODDAMN YOU, SONS OF ANARCHY."

It is even worse in the pictures from the show, because he's rocking the little devil beard (yes that is from a different show shhh), which makes it TEN TIMES HOTTER OMG. WHY MUST THEY TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS SO. THIS HAS GOT TO BE AGAINST SOME KIND OF LAW.

3. You guys! It is fall break! Tomorrow! I am going to leiascully and coffeesuperhero's! I am finally to see their town! It will be AWESOME.