November 14th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

My Big Bang reviews: let me show you them

So, I thought, since there are so many stories, you would like to hear what I thought of them? I'm not doing art reviews, because, despite having a truly insane amount of training in iconography (for someone who's not an iconographer), uh, I don't really get how to art or how to talk about it? So, like, if John was a Christ figure and Rodney was dressed in the regalia of the Young Maize God and falling into the maw of the underworld, I'd be all over it.* Otherwise, every review I would write would say either "Ooh, purdy" or "That one dude's face looks weird."

Anyway. You should assume all these reviews have spoilers, but I've tried to keep anything really major back.

dreamwaffles - Calling Down the Lightning Collapse )

Bottom line: Lovely characters. And magic! Highly recommended.

forestgreen - No Good Deed

I can't really properly review this fic, because I betaed it, and so I read it in pieces/before it was finished. But, I'm mentioning it because you should read it anyway, especially if you like John/Cam, John+Rodney, late SG-1, or thieves. Also check out crysothemis's illustration of John and Raven, which is awesome.

Kat Reitz (zaganthi) and perryvic - Mercy of the Fallen Collapse )

Bottom line: Fighting demons! Going to Hell! Hot sex! Of course I recommend it!

omg_wtf_yeah - The Long Engagement Collapse )

Bottom line: If you really like steampunk, you might like this story. Otherwise, I don't recommend it.

*Anyone who draws that gains my undying affection forever. I'll even give you references.