December 24th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Oh Mark Harmon. Run away with me.

I am a lot less IN DESPAAAAIR than I was yesterday. I expect that tomorrow will be a clusterfrak, but today was pretty good. Lots of Italian food and trashy TV and Rifftrax with Mom.

And I actually wrote something, just sort of off the cuff, that I am, like, inordinately fond of. Unfortunately, it was a treat for Yuletide (despite the fact that I am not actually a participant), so I can't say more than that. But dudes, you will never, ever guess that I wrote it. There is no way. I would be willing to wager fic on it.

And now NCIS is on! And they are playing good creepy episodes! With little bitty Baby Probie! On a related note, have I mentioned that I NEED Jenny Shepard/Hollis Mann fic? LIEK WHOA? I mean, LORD. The eyesex. They get together and they drink red wine and they don't talk about Gibbs. Also, it didn't strike me until just now how great fic where Probie was FtM would be. But it would be excellent.

Oh! Because I keep forgetting! bironic! I got your Christmas card! It was lovely and sweet. <3<3<3