December 28th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

The customary secrecy thing

Okay. sga_santa. Yuletide. Here's the deal.

If you can guess the story I wrote for sga_santa, you can claim the SGA drabble of your choice- any pairing or gen. Alternately, if you were in the challenge, point me at your request and I'll whip you up something for Madness. You get no hints, because it has my sticky little fingerprints all over it.

So confident I am that you're not going to guess what story I wrote for Yuletide, I'll write you a thousand word story in the fandom of your choice (providing I have some sort of familiarity with it) if you guess it. You can have these meager hints:

1. It is a Madness story, and not for Yuletide proper.
2. It is for an American TV fandom.
3. It is not a Community story (cause that's the first place I'd have looked, me).
4. It is a slash story.
5. It was the only story of its fandom written for the challenge.

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