January 10th, 2011

marvel - purple barton

This entry brought to you by the word "quite"

Hello, livejournal/dreamwidth. I am coming to you live from the Memphis International Airport, where I have been for quite some time and will be for quite some time more.

It has been quite the ordeal over the past two days. I had a late flight out of Pittsburgh yesterday to Atlanta, then on to Nashville... and then the Atlanta airport all but shut down, and my flight was canceled.

So I went to the airport early to get my shit together, and the lady at the ticket desk said, "Okay, you're scheduled to fly out at eleven."

"Is that eleven tomorrow?" I asked.

"No, on the eleventh," she replied.

"Good lord," I replied. "If I have to overnight, let me overnight in Memphis."

And lo, I got to Memphis, and [personal profile] shadowen came and picked me up... in the driving snow. And the roads were so bad that my mother said, "GOOD GOD GET A HOTEL ROOM."

And yea, verily, we got a hotel room, where we ate foods and stared at each other for a while and went to bed early. We woke up late-ish this morning and had brunch, then she brought me here, to the Memphis Airport, where I am flying standby for the 7:20 flight to Nashville and, of course, talking to you on the expensive wireless internets.

But, the conference was really hella fun, and while there was drama, it was drama at a completely different school that I have NOTHING to do with. And I hung out with all the twitter linguists (there are a lot of us), and it was good times, including when I stood up during the American Dialect Society Word of the Year vote and exhorted the crowd to "hide yo syntacticians, hide yo sociolinguists."

It may be on youtube.

And now I am killing time until it is appropriate to go to the airport bar. I think it's totally legit.

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