February 25th, 2011

marvel - purple barton

Two things:

1. Do you like Metalocalypse? Do you like paling around? Are you on the DW? Then get your ass to [community profile] snakesfromdildos, DW's second (second! The first is an LJ fandom newsletter crosspost and doesn't count) Metalocalypse comm.

2. I have been crafting again!

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marvel - purple barton

Because it is Friday night and I have nothing better to do

Stolen from [personal profile] anatsuno, et al.:

I'm going to list, and tell you briefly about, ALL THE TABS I HAVE OPEN at this moment in time, without editing (except for work-related or privacy-related reasons, if I had them, but I don't. I just mean, if you do it, obviously, feel free to edit the really crucial stuff - just, it's not in the spirit if the game to edit for guilty pleasure reasons and the like).

-a GDoc containing a Charles/Pickles/Skwisgaar pwp that is inexplicably labeled "brush up on your shakespeare"
-My DW flist
-The tab in which I am writing this entry
-a GDoc containing the 7000+ word Charles/Pickles college pseudo-AU that [personal profile] arymabeth and I are inexplicably writing
-My LJ flist

I'm apparently a real weirdo about browsing. I'm on the laptop at the moment, where I run firefox, but on the desktop, I keep GDocs and Netflix open in Google Chrome and everything else in Opera (and I don't keep my email open at all- I use Notifier). I also have to start fresh with tabs every single time- very occasionally I will save a session, if I get stuck in TV Tropes or Wikipedia or something and have fifty tabs open, but otherwise, I have to start with the home page and move from there.

So what are you doing on this lazy Friday evening, flist?

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