May 2nd, 2011

marvel - purple barton

2002 calling

Anybody got the line on good Star Wars: The Clone Wars fanfic? I have not haunted the hallowed halls of Star Wars fandom since that period when I was obsessed with Obi-Wan ABH (what. say somethin.), so I really don't know what's where over there anymore.

My kingdom for good Ahsoka/Anakin, you guys. My search has only led me to (which is to say, nowhere). These people are doing it. Sometimes Obi-Wan watches (when he's not off doing Padme, of course), but only in that really angsty way of his.

I have to say that Clone Wars is re-energizing my love for Star Wars in general. We had pretty much broken up, but dammit, I missed it. You never forget your first.

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