May 19th, 2011

marvel - purple barton


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marvel - purple barton

OMG you guys.

Dude. Paul Simon. Dude. I can't even express to you how epic it was.

So I was sitting back in row X, yeah? And halfway through the show, no shit, it starts raining beer. Not, like, a couple of drips, like my shoulder was soaked, Apparently someone in the balcony spilled theirs, and the whole thing rained down on us, copiously.

So someone calls the usher over, and she's like, "Come with me," and I'm thinking, "Oh great, she's going to give us a refund and I'm going to have to explain that I have a scalped ticket." But no, she takes my ticket and reseats me.

In row K.

Yeah. So I was super close for the rest of it, which was awesome. The energy in the room was really great- it's a small venue with really good acoustics, and most of the crowd (except the dude next to me, for some reason) was really into it. He did a bunch of songs off the new album, and several songs from Graceland (he opened with Crazy Love, Vol. II, which I didn't expect him to do and was pleasantly surprised by), and some older stuff (Peace Like a River, The Boxer, The Sound of Silence, etc). He only did one song from Rhythm of the Saints, but it was The Obvious Child, so no complaints there. He had a couple of guests- Don Everly came out and they did Bye Bye Love, and Jerry Douglas played the dobro on The Boxer, which was super pretty. He also did some covers- Here Comes the Sun was beautiful, and kind of turned into a singalong, which is fine with me.

The only thing that he didn't do that I wanted to see was You Can Call Me Al, which I'd read was his closer for this tour; but it turned out the closer was The Boy in the Bubble, and trying to choose between those two songs is like trying to choose between my children, so I was happy.

So epic. I was so excited I didn't even know what to do with myself. I still don't, really.

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