May 20th, 2011

marvel - purple barton

Fest update

1. McShep Match: Not playing. Was looking forward to it, but I am supremely unhappy about 1) the changes, 2) the mods' response to criticism, 3) (and this is the big one) how unhappy it has made my friends. Because me, I looked at the new rules and went "out b4 wank" and that was pretty much the end of it, but now I'm pissed because my flist is pissed. Nobody messes with Mama Bear's cubs. >[

2. SGA Reverse Bang: Dropped out. :( I am unhappy about this, but the trouble's on my end, not theirs.

3. [community profile] pod_together: Excited about this! I haven't signed up yet, because I'd prefer to sign up with someone I know rather than taking random choice. Haven't decided whether I want to be a writer or reader, but I'm leaning heavily towards reader. The way my writing's been going, I don't want to guarantee that I can write something to a deadline. So if you're curious and need a group, hit me up, won't you? I'm willing to sign up twice (maybe once as a reader and once as an author?), but that's it.

4. [community profile] intoabar: Don't worry, we're coming back! I'm shooting for opening signups about a week after [community profile] kink_bingo signups begin.

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