August 16th, 2011

marvel - purple barton


So I went to the GameStop (I wanted Ghost Trick, but they were out), and the guy talked me into buying Lego Harry Potter for the DS (Let's all be honest: it didn't take much). And I wasn't sure I'd like it, because I'm a turn-based girl at heart, but it's totally charming. I just keep running around smashing things gleefully and ignoring my quests to get more coins ("studs", excuse me). Unlike a lot of games, the DS touchscreen controls are really nifty and make good use of the platform (even if I do keep changing characters accidentally). So that's taking up my time until school is back in (which is next Wednesday, god).

And revisiting Harry Potter in general is sending me searching for my great lost love: really filthy Snape/Hermione stories. You heard me. I am delighted to see that Restricted Section is still in business, especially now that GeoCities is gone. Some of this stuff is actually still worth reading, though the amount of purple prose I was willing to slog through back in the day is, well, it's fucking amazing.

So that's the state of the union. Also I am doing this now:

Choose any pairing or character and I will write a one-sentence story about them. Taking Harry Potter (obvs), SGA, Venture Bros, Metalocalypse, Inception, etc. Y'all know what I write.

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