August 30th, 2011

marvel - purple barton

Meme time!

So here are five icons what [personal profile] thingswithwings picked for me to make the explanations of.

keywords: sga- so awesome
by hsapiens

Oh Woolsey, I love you so. You deserved to be in a better season. For a while, before I got a paid account and synced all my icons between LJ and DW, this was one of my only DW icons. It's a good cheerful, celebratory icon- I think I used it last to post my blackout at [community profile] kink_bingo.

keywords: ncis- secret ziva phobia
by shalowater

I just love the composition of this icon. It speaks volumes in a little space. I also like the coloring of this one; it's bright and oversaturated, with contributes to it being funny instead of as creepy as it could be.

keywords: sga- shortly before the end
by spacedoodet

God this is a sad icon from a sad scene. It was my default icon for a while, between Lisa Cuddy and Teyla, but it's just too damn sad. Again, it's a lovely composition, the way the architectural elements frame Elizabeth, the way she's just a silhouette. And you know I love me some Elizabeth Weir.

keywords: stargate- linguist rage
by ?

This is my go-to "EVERYONE IS FIRED AND TODAY IS CANCELED" icon. It expresses so much of what is wrong with everyone. As a professional Daniel Jackson, it has a special resonance for me; I often question who the hell translated things, because they are often THE WRONGEST PERSON FOR THE JOB. Seriously, you would not believe the amount of bad translation one has to go through being a linguist. It irks me.

keywords: mb- james bondage
by eruthros

Oh Jamie. Oh Adam. This icon encapsulates so much of why I love them. They got no kind of shame, and I think they secretly are self-aware of at least some of the kinkiness that goes down on set. Also, this scene is really hot. Really, all of that duct tape special is. Duct tape is sexy all on its own.

So! Comment with your breakfast food of choice, and I will pick some of your icons for the examinations. Go go go!

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