October 31st, 2011

marvel - purple barton

Fic: the key that got lost

Title: the key that got lost
Summary: Charles is missing something.
Fandom: Metalocalypse
Word Count: 996
Rating/Contents: so very NC-17, dirty talk, rape fantasy, general sick fuckery
Pairing: Charles/Pickles
Policies: Read my archiving, feedback, and warnings policies here.
A/N: And then sometimes you write a story in gleeful celebration of how much of a sick fuck you secretly (okay, not secretly) are. IDK, I blame it on Tom Waits.

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marvel - purple barton

Here are some plusses and some minuses for you

+ OMG Happy Samhain/Halloween/early Dia de los Muertos, everyone! This are my favorite holiday, natch.

-/+ I accidentally made enough soul cakes to feed the Kiss Army. Delicious, but unwieldy. /o\ Maybe they will freeze properly?

+ MC Frontalot tonight! I have not yet gotten in costume yet (the two Halloween things I was going to do this weekend I called off because of exhaustion), nor do I have one lined up, so I am going as whatever I can find in my closet, that being a Dracula and/or a goth. I thought about wearing the full out Orpheus costume, because where else would people recognize it but a Frontalot show, but then I thought floor-length cape + standing room only venue = bad times.

- Okay, I know it's hard to digitize a cross stitch pattern, esp. a big one, and while it's not ideal to send me a .jpg instead of a .pdf, I can work with that. However. Kinda gonna need you to 1) mark the center 2) tell me the dimensions. All I know is that it is A Lot x A Lot (OH GOD I NEED AN ALOT OF STITCHES), and I do not care to count them all, esp. when you didn't mark the tens (or the twelves, or the fourteens, w/e) either.

I just want to make this Dalek, ffs, so I don't have to grade. PROCRASTINATE

- I really... don't give a damn about NaNo. I mean, I am pleased that people are participating, and I hope they have fun, but I've never even gotten anywhere near finishing. I think I got up close to 10000 words one time, but all I turn out is crap writing original stuff that fast (and obvs I can't write fic anywhere near that fast).

+ This post should end with something happy. Idk, idk, I have the most beautiful flowers and a needle organizer that seems already to be the best thing ever. Hurrah!

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