November 3rd, 2011

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Fic: Road Rash

Title: Road Rash
Summary: It's the guy he never slept with thing.
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Word Count: 2226
Rating/Contents: NC-17, angst
Pairing: Charles/Erik, Charles/OMC
Policies: Read my archiving, feedback, and warnings policies here.
A/N: Things that are a remix of every story in the fandom: this one.

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marvel - purple barton

Double damn it twice fast

Something happy to post about! For the Halloweens, [personal profile] arymabeth and I went to a MC Frontalot show (who we have been trying to see at least since 2006). So great. As it were the Halloweens, the two of us went as goth girls, which was quite fun (it is always fun to wear a cape and a top made of ripped up fishnets).

The show was pretty awesome. Front was the opener, which was a little bit of nerd culture shock. I forget that many of my favorite artists are tiny indie acts even among tiny indie acts, but Front is, well, he's a big name as far as nerdcore goes. But still, one of the bands was local (okay, okay, it was Protomen, but I live in Nashville, Kings of Leon is a local band), and when mc chris played the same venue a couple years ago he was the headliner, so idk.

The set list was pretty badass. He opened with Tongue-Clucking Grammarian, which I kind of didn't expect and is one of my very favorites for obvious reasons. I was kind of surprised, because he didn't do much off of Solved, but, tbh, I like Zero Day and Final Boss a lot more, and a lot of the set list came from there, so no complaints here. So he did Spoiler Alert, Scare Goat, First World Problems, and suchlike in that vein. He also did some older stuff off of Nerdcore Rising that I wasn't expecting to hear (This Old Man, Pr0n Song, etc) and, of course, Yellow Lasers.

And the closer was Goth Girls, which made us quite happy. :D

He's really awesome in concert. I mean, one doesn't know what to expect from rappers in particular on stage, because rapping is, one has to admit, a lot of vocal work, and sometimes people just kind of stand up there. But he was truly rocking out, and I applaud him for it.

The current lineup is pretty badass as well. I was particularly impressed with Vic-20 (aka Ken Flagg), who can damn well sing. But apparently he is leaving the lineup? Or maybe he is the new keyboardist. SOMEONE IS QUITTING ON KEYBOARDS. THAT IS ALL I KNOW. And the bassist did the entire concert, including singing, through a full Cantina Band face mask/helmet, and he rocked it. Front went as MC Frontalot with a mustache, a low maintenance, rhyme-facilitating costume.

And we got to meet him! I mean, I didn't have anything to say, because I was all "eee it are Frontalot!" but Lizzy bought some things and got her CD signed (which I would have done if I could find mine, but as previously discussed EVERYTHING IN THIS HOUSE HAS BEEN MOVED). He was just chillin' at the merch table, as one does when one's touring crew consists of four people, and he was very friendly.

So that was Frontalot. I approve greatly.

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