November 16th, 2011

marvel - purple barton

stuffy old songs about the buttocks

1. So this is how mature and adult I am:

a) The gdoc I presently have open is entitled "what what (in the butt)";

b) Like half an hour ago, I thought to myself, "That's right, Atlantis, you should do it in the butt," and I am STILL cackling over it.

God, I'm both twelve years old AND old meme.

2. So this thing where you pick the numbers and answer the questions is going around, right? And I was going to do it, and then I read through it and I was like, "Huh, I really don't care to discuss about half of those questions."

So! Instead we will do this: ask me anything! I will endeavor to answer. Or, y'know, I won't. It depends on what you ask.

At least I'm honest.

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