November 25th, 2011

marvel - purple barton

Who knows?

1. Still trying not to write the threesome fic, even though I have a GREAT John speech written in my head- yes, I just used John and speech in the same sentence, that is how epic this speech is. In fairness, it does begin, "Fuck you, McKay," so how could it not be great?

2. Trying to write Charles/Erik is giving me a conniption fit. You see, I sat down to write some fic with disabled Charles, because there isn't enough of it and I feel like researching and writing it would be beneficial. But I didn't even get that far, because the only story idea I have is SO DEPRESSING that I don't even know what to do with myself. I don't know if they would even get into bed for crying all over each other. It would just be The Day Charles Sat In His Wheelchair and Ate Haagen-Dazs* To Make Himself Feel Better, And Also Erik Ate Some Too. Oh god.

*He was going to be eating Ben and Jerry's, but I did my historical research.

3. Went and got my hair done at Rodney today.

Wait, wait, let me check... yes, still funny.

I do sort of look like the lovechild of Doc Hammer and Rogue. There is no bad here.

4. Good god, it is the return. Collapse )

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