December 5th, 2011

marvel - purple barton

If you're wondering if I've slept, you must be new here

So. The challenge at [community profile] kink_bingo this month is tiny little fanworks! So here is an adorable (for certain values of the word adorable) little bite-sized blackout for you. 25 stories, each at or under 100 words. NC-17, with nothing really to warn about, other than the kinks themselves. The fandoms and pairings are (deep breath):

Fandoms: Ace Attorney, Stargate Atlantis, Metalocalypse, Blake's 7, SG-1, XMFC, X-Men movieverse, Inception, Star Trek (2009), MythBusters RPF

Pairings: Franziska/Gumshoe, John/Rodney, Elizabeth/Teyla, Pickles/octopus, Weir/Caldwell, John/Caldwell, Servalan/Travis, Sam/Daniel/Jack, John/Ronon, Charles Xavier/OFC, Teyla/Kanaan, Mystique/Wolverine, Ariadne/Eames, Charles/Pickles, Charles Xavier/others, John solo, Lorne/any, Kirk/Bones, Rodney/others, John/Rod, Tory/Grant/Adam, Miles/Phoenix, Mia/Diego, Rodney/Teyla/John, Avon/Servalan

Kinks: gags, domestic / tradesman kink, sensation play, tentacles, subspace / headspace, whipping / flogging, painplay (other), genital torture, leather / latex / rubber, caning, phonesex / epistolary, scars / scarification, wildcard (gender play), drugs / aphrodisiacs, body alteration / injury, enemas, anonymity, medical kink, orgies and decadence, mirrors and doubles, fucking machines, animal play, sex toys (non-penetrating), pegging / strap-ons, emotion play

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