December 15th, 2011

marvel - purple barton

It's not really spamming; technically my last post was yesterday


Challenges are hard, you guys. Ignoring the two that're due next month (one of which I got a great, very long, pretty much everything but the dialogue prompt for that'll be no problem), I have one that I'm intimidated by and have no ideas for, and one I'm not intimidated by in the least but where all my character voices are coming out wrong. They don't sound like my beloved gay lawyers; they sound like any two guys, and that makes me so sad.

This is added to the fact that I am kind of... put out, is a good way to put it, and depressed, and also at the post-semester point where sleeping seems to be like a really big hassle. Highly counter-productive, especially since I'm trying to make an effort to at least leave the house every day and see the sun.


So instead, have this meme what is making the rounds again ([personal profile] telesilla and [personal profile] pyrasaur are who I lifted it from):

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

(Belated PS: I am looking for small things for the podficing, to try and get back into it. Give me your small things.)

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