December 30th, 2011

marvel - purple barton

I swear to god this is the last crazy X-Men thing I will post (tonight)

So somewhere I got this joking-but-not-really idea in my head that one day, Kurt Wagner and Wanda Maximoff were going to hook up, right? Because they can empathize with each others' ridiculous issues at family reunions and stuff (because obvs in the happy tinhatty world that is in my head they're common-law stepsiblings).

And then this happened. I don't. I can't. What is this. Short answer: this is what happens when fangirl anthropologists are left unattended (and/or cheered on).

So allow me to present, without further ado, the Lehnsherr-Darkholme-Maximoff-Wagner-Xavier family tree. Your assignment is to reckon the relationships between these characters, which is not unlike Six Degrees of Sebastian Shaw. Collapse )

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