December 31st, 2011

marvel - purple barton

You guys? Seriously, you guys.

1. So, OBVIOUSLY I have an elaborate headcanon that starts at the end of XMFC, does twists and turns that explain FUCKING EVERYTHING YOU GUYS- including but not limited to Magda, Pietro, Wanda, Kurt, and Mystique and Erik's common-law marriage (common-law marriage has always been valid on the sovereign soil of Islandfortressistan)- and slots neatly into the beginning of X-Men.

I thought about writing it, but here is the problem (leaving aside that no one cares but me and possibly Lizzy, and Lizzy has already been bombarded with it enough): my motivation in writing this is, for obvious reasons, Erik and Mystique's aforementioned common-law marriage. But this is how the story would actually break down:

40% Erik and Magda's heartrending and ultimately doomed romance
40% Azazel's evil and ultimately successful machinations
5% Riptide being a good bro
5% Emma looking out for Emma
5% The twins
4.5% Kurt
.25% Charles and Erik's heartrending and ultimately doomed romance
.25% How Erik and Mystique fell in love

You see my problem.

So instead, I may or may not be writing a story based on a comic that is about a danish- and don't even fucking think I'm kidding, this is Marvel. And it is the absolute sappiest thing I have ever written, and frankly, my flist, IDGAF.

2. I don't do New Year's Resolutions, right? Because, really, there's nothing that'll make me not do something faster, and do you REALLY think you should be reevaluating your life during one of the most stressful (and/or laziest) times of the year?

But! I have an Old Year's Resolution. I am six episodes behind on Doctor Who (+ Christmas) and BY GOD I will finish them before the clock strikes midnight. I WILL NOT GO INTO THE NEW YEAR WITHOUT RIVER SONG BY MY SIDE.

That is all.

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