January 3rd, 2012

marvel - purple barton

These fucking, fucking mutants.

This is the story of the story I am writing and, indeed, every second story I write for XMFC:

Story: Hey baby.
Sabine: Oh, no. No, I couldn't possibly, you are over 5000 words long.
Story: Hey.
Sabine: But it's pretty clear that only eight people want to read you, and I only know maybe two of them. And one of them has to beta. So, one.
Story: Baby.
Sabine: But you are so sad though!
Story: Baby, hey.
Sabine: I'M GOING.

::Two days later, after an epic writing bender::

Sabine: Oh god, where have I been, whose panties are these-
Story: Hey baby.
Sabine: Goddammit.

So if anybody wants to read 7500 words of the saddest thing I have ever written in my life, well. It's coming.

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