January 15th, 2012

marvel - purple barton

Some things make a whatever

Okay, okay, I have other things to post about, but it's late, they're long, and they have to go under flock. So instead here are two short, amusing notes:

1. I want to write the story of Magento, the fabulous alternate universe Magneto, so very hard, you guys. You have NO idea. Unfortunately, nobody thinks it's hilarious but me. You just don't know, y'all.

2. OMG I have a glorious gyakusai_swap present! Go very quickly here and see the absolutely glorious Pearl and Maya art that cannedebonbon made for me. It is completely lovely and must be appreciated forthwith.

OKAY I AM SLEEPING NOW. Because tomorrow is for writing for exchanges and poss. making the house not look like a bomb went off in it (unlikely). <3 <3 <3

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