February 10th, 2012

marvel - purple barton

Oh John Dall, light of my world.

So, for reasons, more for distraction and soothing purposes than anything else, I ended up looking around for pictures of attractive men on the tumblr. And y'know, I just- I was having trouble. My future husband James McAvoy wasn't doing it for me, there are no good pictures of my Space Boyfriend, Tom Hardy's fans mostly want to talk about how he's adorable and not how he could toss you around the room (rawr).

And I realized what I really needed was Loomers.

This is a very special category of dudes (I say dudes because I have never seen a female loomer, but I like short girls, so idk.). Ideally, they need to be about six feet tall, though I have seen shorter men loom with ease, they need to be dark-haired, and they need to be intense. Like, they just need to have that "I could fuck you up" kind of look. Attractive and threatening is the name of the game, ladies and gentlemen. They're loomers. They loom.

I feel like looming is a dying art, but we are not without loomers in this day and age. Michael Fassbender is a loomer. Loki is a loomer- I say Loki and not Tom Hiddleston because we all know you take him out of that costume and five seconds later there is no looming left to be found.

But for really good looming, we need to step back in time. Vincent Price is, perhaps, the canonical loomer- and you can all eat me cause I think he's hot as hell. Stepping back further, Boris Karloff is a loomer- again, idgaf, he does things to me in The Mummy.

But the grandest, greatest, and most complex of the loomers is John Dall, light of my world. John Dall didn't make many movies; a lot of the ones he was in were really good and really important, but they were un(der)appreciated at the time.

John Dall's looming is probably my favorite because it's that complicated, fucked-up, "you drove me to this" sort of looming. LOOK AT THIS LOOMING. YOU SEE WHAT HE IS DOING HERE. THIS IS HIGH QUALITY LOOMING.

This obviously led me to rewatch Rope, Collapse ) Because nobody likes Rope as much as I do.

But if you're inspired, here is some Rope fic what I wrote, and here is some John Dall RPF. Also I spammed the tumblr with him. So there's that.

And now it's five in the morning, and it's not a coincidence that this entry makes NO SENSE. So whatever. Loomers, won't you?

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marvel - purple barton

It's 5, I think wine is legit now

So here is a thing I am doing now:

Happy Galentine's Day
my thread

Possibly I am off to rewatch Gun Crazy now, which, unsurprisingly, contains more of John Dall, light of my world, and his sex faces, so many sex faces (though nothing beats his sex faces in Rope). And this one is, like, it does exactly what it says on the tin. The only more appropriate title would be Gunplay: The Motion Picture.


And oh for Christ's sake, how can The Corn Is Green never have been released on DVD. DAMMIT, PEOPLE. I'M GONNA BE DOWN TO WATCHING MOVIES WHERE JOHN DALL WALKED BY THE SET ONCE.

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