February 11th, 2012

marvel - purple barton

Forever alone just means more time for cat pictures

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2. One-eighty: Any suggestions about getting burned-on stuff out of a frying pan? Regular-ass frying pan, not nonstick or anything. I've soaked it, scrubbed it with a stiff brush, used steel wool, getting very little. Soaking it again now, because I am NOT going to throw this pan out, because it is vintage Revereware and I am NOT breaking up my set.


3. I am the worst today. Supposed to go out, ended up sitting at home drinking boxed wine (in my defense, it's the classy boxed wine) and looking at tumblr. Oh tumblr, there's a reason I stopped using you. Granted, that reason was because I hate spoilers, but there are also many other reasons not to look at you.

Anyway. Back to tumblr. Possibly a little writing. Trying to get this thing done by the end of Porn Battle, because if I don't I think we all know it's never going to get finished.

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