February 18th, 2012

marvel - purple barton

This is my :D face

You guys I forgot to say!

I have had a brief ("brief", it took a month) phone saga; Franziska, my beloved and much-maligned Palm Pre, just up and stopped working. I had to get a go phone for a while, and oh my god, I wanted to bash it against the wall. It didn't even have predictive texting, and it defaulted to speakerphone every time I got a call- and before you call first world problems on me, let me point out that my eight dollar Guatemalan cell phone was VASTLY preferable.

But now I have Eames! He is a gorgeous Samsung Captivate Glide, because if you one day see me standing on a street corner and preaching, twigs in my hair, wearing sackcloth, it will be because I have been forced to use a touchscreen keyboard. But he is sexy, particularly because of the feedback vibration (heh)- like, buttons on the screen feel like keys, because you get feedback off them. Like I said. Sexy. Also he is an Android, so there are more than five apps. I am not an apps person, but, y'know. Being able to edit my gdocs is great, and Evernote is pretty epic.

The only problem is that I feel like a jackass holding him up to my ear, because he is ENORMOUS compared to Franziska and not, like, phone shaped. IDK. But who gets calls anymore?

I was going to take a picture of him but, uh, he's my camera right now, and I was going to get a screencap, but I read the instructions on how to take one and I was like tl;dr. So instead, here is Pakal II, my desktop, as photographed by Eames (picture is HUGENORMOUS and, uh. Maaaaay have some interesting text on it).

PS did I mention my email alert is the sound of a bottle being opened? It kind of makes me feel like a drunk, but it makes me so happy.

So now my electronic kit is Eames, Pakal II, Motoko the Zen, my externals Wintermute and Cayce, and Thomas Raith the eee. However, Thomas Raith is not long for this world. :( He's working fine, but he's almost four years old. Like, he's been a workhorse and a real trooper, but it's time to move on, esp. because the OS is no longer supported and I can't install anything new (long story). So if anyone has opinions on netbooks? He's 10 inches, and honestly I don't want anything bigger than about 12. I am poss. considering Lenovos. They look pretty sexy and are comfortably in my price range.

Hurrah! \o/

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