February 24th, 2012

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The WIP Project, 8/9

So somebody mentioned Sulu for some reason or another, and it put me in mind of these stories what I never finished.

8. I started this for the kink meme; the prompt was something like the characters switch personalities but not minds or bodies, and I think it specified Chekov and Spock switching, and then I was like FUCK IT SWAP ALL THE CREW. I feel like [personal profile] dizmo prompted this; I know she watched over my digital shoulder as I wrote it. I posted the first half-ish to the kink meme and never finished it, which is a shame, because some of the best of it is poor repressed Sulu- love me some Sulu- finally getting a chance to express himself and be happy about his life, and that only got written in skeleton. And I just realized I cannibalized a line in here for that Erik/Darwin story what I wrote. I keep a lot of WIPs at any given time (I have at least fifty right now, and you think I'm kidding), so I do that a lot, consciously or unconsciously.

And I think the (not-yet-written) joke at the end was that Uhura and Bones had switched and nobody noticed, though reading back that may not have been the case.

NC-17, Chekov/Bones, Spock/Uhura, Jim/Sulu, 1500 words. No notes, because I think it's pretty clear what's going on, at least in outline.

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9. This is another kink meme one that got half-posted, and yet another always-cis-female!genderswap, which you should really accept from me by now (though iirc this may predate The Goddamned Genderswap). Otherwise it's pretty straight up and down oblivious!Bones/lovestruck!Chekov, because they are my OTP. Haters to the left.

R, Chekov/Bones, ~1450 words

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