March 16th, 2012

marvel - purple barton

This is my only Hank/Raven story.

[personal profile] sabinetzin: it's kind of a shame [that I have a massive hate-on for this pairing], because I do have a really great idea for an anatomy fetish story, where he's like you are blue and naked, I MUST KNOW HOW THIS WORKS.
[personal profile] sabinetzin: and I feel like his opening line is "I have been thinking about your labia a lot."
[personal profile] sabinetzin: I feel like he would do it somewhere wildly inappropriate, because he's thinking about science, like at the dinner table
[personal profile] sabinetzin: and she slaps him and walks out, and Hank just looks confused
[personal profile] sabinetzin: and then Alex is just like... other people did hear that, right? that just happened?
[personal profile] sabinetzin: and then ten minutes later, Hank is eating his mashed potatoes, and he drops his fork and he's like OH FUCK ME
[personal profile] sabinetzin: and Erik is like, yeah, well, Raven's not gonna do it. ::cockblocker smile::
[personal profile] sabinetzin: Erik does have a trollface.
[personal profile] sabinetzin: so many missed opportunities to indulge my mad scientist kink.

Later somewhere down here he does apologize, and mad scientist type things are accomplished. IDK. I can't decide if it's super hot or she's like, BORED NOW halfway through it. Could go either way.

That's all I got.

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