April 8th, 2012

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Ice cream!

You see, what happened was that I wrote this fluffy Clint/Coulson story about ice cream. And apparently, dear readers, people seemed to like it. And then this happened:
(11:52:44 PM) sabinelagrande: just went to the store because I REALLY NEEDED a coke float. one away from 100 kudos on the ice cream story. if I hit it, should I drink two ice cream sodas in celebration?:
(11:55:32 PM) dizmo: Yes you should.

I wasn't expecting it to happen so fast, but then, thanks to some people it did. And I told tumblr about it, so then I had to do it. One does not break a promise to tumblr (more than two or three times a day).

But then it occurred to me that 1) I hadn't had an ice cream soda in, like, ten years 2) I'd never actually made one for myself. So it became, like, an actual challenge. So I have documented my challenge/reward for your pleasure/benefit.

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