September 3rd, 2012

marvel - purple barton

The two most epic things that happened at Dragon*Con

1. So our big group costume this year was Rule 63 Avengers, and there was a Marvel crossplay shoot that [personal profile] coffeesuperhero, [personal profile] shadowen, and I went to. It was a wrench, because it was go to that or go to the only Supergate panel we could fit into our schedule, plus it wasn't the day we were supposed to wear our costumes at all.

But we roll down there, there are pictures, w/e, and while we're doing the big group shot, somebody walks up and goes, "Hey, can we crash your party?" And I look over, and Stan. Fucking. Lee. comes in.

THAT SHIT HAPPENED. I legit screamed, because I had no other recourse. I had no idea what to do other than let my feels out that way.

2. My other main costume was Pam from Archer (I did the black and blue one from the first episode) with [personal profile] arymabeth as my Cheryl/Carol. We're in line for a long time, because we were really early, and it turned out they scheduled this panel- Archer!- in a room with like 100 seats. So, obviously, the line got capped really early, probably an hour before the panel even started. The woman who was organizing the line was fucking on point, man, and she gave us permission to kick anybody out who tried to line jump.

Somebody did.

So everybody starts yelling at them, and I'm dressed as Pam, of course, and I'm like, fuck a bunch of this it is time to get in character. So I stand up, throw my dolphin puppet onto the floor, and give the universal COME AT ME BRO hands. And no shit, the line starts chanting "PAM, PAM, PAM" over and over. I lasted about a minute of that before I absolutely lost it laughing, but oh my god it was epic. Then the whole line got moved, and I'm walking past those same people, and they start chanting again.

This sounds like one of those "Cool story, bro" stories, right? But I swear that shit actually happened, and [personal profile] arymabeth and [personal profile] shadowen can back me up on this.

Then the panel was awesome, because Amber Nash (Pam) and Lucky Yates (Krieger) were there, but a whole bunch of the animators came too, so it was really cool to be able to ask them a bunch of different kinds of questions. Afterwards (while they were trying to kick us out of the room), the Pam who was sitting in front of me was like "Let's go try to get a picture", so we did, and Amber Nash was like "OMG YOU LOOK SO GOOD" and she hugged me and I was like ::FLAIL::

So, con. Spectacular.

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