May 9th, 2013

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This was surprisingly difficult

[personal profile] bendingwind asked me a five things question! So here is my answering:

What five fictional universes would you want to live in?

Uh, this is really hard, because I tend to like fiction with, y'know, dystopias or constant grave danger and such (I mean, I can't even go to the Harry Potter universe, because I'm just at the right age to have been present and really young at the final battle with Voldemort). But we'll see.

1. The universe of Ghost in the Shell. Still a little dystopic in places, but also really cool.
2. Middle Earth. I've never decided what race I would be. Possibly a dwarf. We can't all be Istari.
3. The universe of The Belonging Kind by William Gibson. Which might if I wasn't lucky just be a run of the mill universe. But.
4. Collinsport. Because the idea of living in a soap opera is HILARIOUS to me, you have no idea. Also, vampires, ghosts, and possibly a phoenix. But no Paul. There never was a Paul.
5. Agatha Christie, A.D. You know what I'm talking about. That fuzzy period between the 20's and 40's where everyone drinks a lot, gets up at three in the afternoon, and throws lovely parties. Sure, people die sometimes, but hey, that's the price of the good life, especially since there never seems to have been a Great Depression. I'd trade it.

Comment and I will give you your own five-things question!

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