August 12th, 2013

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Interest survey!

A poll for you!

I have this original comic book I'm developing, right? Here's the premise, if you're just joining us:
Assassins Anonymous tells the story of a group of retired assassins, bound together by their participation in a support group designed to keep them from relapsing into their murderous lifestyles- which, of course, keep coming back to bite them. The story is primarily character-driven with an ensemble cast, made up of various kinds of killers-for-hire: poisoners, weapons experts, killing machines, and the like. Much of the focus is on their everyday lives as they try to stay clean, which is not helped by the way that certain events and people seem to be conspiring against them.

You can also find more information at the tumblr, for all your tumblr needs.

So here's the thing: I've always intended to do a kickstarter for Assassins Anonymous. Originally the idea was to do it to get the first issue printed, but the problem is that I can't find an artist, not one who will commit to working on the comic for free. The new plan is to run a kickstarter to pay an artist to get the comic made. And to that end, I ask for your input!

ETA: For reference, some of the things I'm considering for the rewards include putting backers on special pages of honor, written-to-order short stories, a special (prob digital) book with character backstories etc., just what have you.

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