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This is my sleepy face.

1. After much dicking around and generalized grab-assery, it looks like I'll be living in the dorms at Berkeley this summer. I've got to talk to the airline today or tomorrow (yay for free tickets), but I should be there from roughly July 4 to August 14. And once that's settled, I'm pretty sure all my plans are set until Dragon*Con. Hurrah!

2. mcshep_match! Drabble Tree! Go War!

3. New mc chris is only out on iTunes as of now. This gives me Bones face: >[ This is to be differentiated from its polar opposite, Chekov face: =D

4. Apparently I live in Grand Central Station this week: first my dad, then arymabeth, now my mom. IDK.

5. My necklace, which I've been wearing since... mid 2007, I suppose, finally wore through and fell off. I feel oddly naked.

6. Go read at remixthedrabble! More on this after the reveal, but can I just point out for now that somebody remixed Ouroboros, which is one of my favorite stories that I've written, and it is awesome.

7. I'm certain I had more to say before I started this entry. Hmmph.
Tags: challenges, mcshep_match, music, rl
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