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Many memes, one post

Interview from zulu!

1. What is your favourite feature of a language that you find awesome, that makes it so you can express the coolest thoughts?

Oh man. There are so many. I'm really into Nahuatl at the moment, and it's the only language I've learned that uses the applicative and causative. I just like the idea of being able to tack on one more morpheme and change it from doing something to doing something on somebody else's behalf or because of something else. It's very pretty-sounding and very efficient, and plus it's the basis for their honorific system, which is pretty much the best thing ever, and on which I will probably write my dissertation.

2. What's your next fannish craft idea?

I dunno, actually. I have a little notebook in Science Blue that I need to decorate to go with my Atlantis cosplay, but that will take like, ten minutes, so it almost doesn't even count. I am also still working on a seekrit cross-stitch project that needs to be done by Dragon*Con. I also keep intending to make a games case to match my bitchin' DS case, probably with the Pink Badger on it. Oh, and I might make some bookmarks with Earth's gate address on them. Y'know. Just in case.

3. Where's some place that you think would be really interesting to visit, but you never have yet, within two hundred miles of you?

There's, like, tonnes of stuff. There are some awesome cave systems right around Nashville that I've never gotten to explore. I also still haven't been up to Lincoln Boyhood, which I need to do, though I don't think I'm going to have time before their living history farm closes for the season.

4. Aliens land in front of you! Do you take them to your leader?

Probably I shit my pants.

Plus I think my leader is the chair of the Department of Anthropology, and I REALLY don't think it would be a good idea, as she's a specialist in political violence and a card-carrying Communist. Not that I don't think Communists are good representatives of Earth, or anything, just that I think she would ask them a lot of very uncomfortable questions, and possibly get us all blowed up.

5. What are you most looking forward to in the next six months?

Pretty much the next six months are going to be full of stuff, so I don't even know what to pick. There's Berkeley and Comic-Con and Dragon-Con and the semester starts back and whoof. Lots of things.

On the fannish front, I'm also really looking forward to finishing my SGA Big Bang story. I've been working on it half of forever, and if I pull it off, I think it's going to be really funny and really thinky, which is my favorite combination.

Five words from yevgenie!

Chekov: It is very bizarre to me to be writing Trek fic, because WTF, I hate Star Trek. But in fairness, what always got on my ass was the Trek part, and there's no Trekking in the new movie, so it's just sort of, like, Star, and I got no problem with that. Also, there is my baby Chekov. I've had more fun writing him than I have writing any character in a long time, because he's just so neat. He's all =D and proud and stubborn and eager, all at the same time, and for some reason it's easy to draw that all out and still stay subtle.

Atlantis: Sometimes I feel weird in the SGA fandom, because I genuinely liked the show. I remember watching the last five episodes of S1 and The Siege III all in a row, because I just couldn't go to bed until I found out what happened. Until S4, the storylines were pretty solid (wish they'd never brought in the damn replicators, no matter how much I dig The Return, though thank god they weren't like the original SG-1 replicators, which arymabeth can testify literally made me itch), and the writing was pretty solid even through parts of S5 (when there suddenly came a lot of "GOD, WHY WOULD YOU EVEN SAY THAT, NOBODY TALKS LIKE THAT"). I just wish the producers hadn't been such asshats during/at the end of S5, because I think it just left a bad taste in everybody's mouth.

porn: I love porn. Straight porn, gay porn, lesbian porn, hentai, whatever. I just like looking at pictures of and/or reading descriptions of naked people, preferably touching up on one another.

crafts: Being a crafter is like being addicted to coke. It's expensive, it gets everywhere, you meet the strangest people, and most of them are Republicans.

home: Hmm. I'm not really a home-oriented person, though I'm a total homebody. I like my apartment though. It is small and cosy and has a lovely balcony. Both the outside walls are taken up pretty much completely by sliding glass doors, so there's lots of natural light. And it's on the first floor, but the balcony's inaccessible from the ground, so it's the best of both worlds.

A very old cliff-marry-shag, what I found in a drawer random .txt, from telesilla!

Marry: John Sheppard

Shep and me, we are of a kind. We do not like scary things, like Feelings and Emotions. And so we would drink a lot of beer and smoke cigars and have some sex and sort of hang out. Possibly there would be some cuddling, which we would both deny later.

Unfortunately, however, we are both total subs; perhaps we could trade off or call in a specialist (, I do not mean Specialist Dex, though if he's free later) or something.

Shag: Evan Lorne

Look at him.


Mostly I think he'd be a terrific lay, because he's hot and and I think he's the kind of guy who'd ma'am you in bed, and that's kind of sexy to me for some bizarre reason. Also he's shorter than me and built like a brick shithouse, which is kinda my type. Also, did I mention he's adorable?

Cliff: Cameron Mitchell

By sheer process of elimination. I would totally marry him, because he is a sweetheart and a badass, except that he reminds me of somebody. And I would totally do him, except that I'd rather do Lorne more.

And see? He's already wearing wires. He'll be fine.

And because it's going around: Name a fandom, and I'll give you the scoop on at least three of my unpopular opinions related to that fandom.

And if you would like any words, interview questions, or people to cliff, marry, and shag, leave a comment!
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