The Midnight Rider (sabinelagrande) wrote,
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Did I mention there's still time to vote War?

Title: The Book of Changes
Summary: It is written.
Fandom: Firefly
Word Count: 108
Rating/Warnings: G
Pairing: N/A, Inara and Nandi
A/N: [info - personal]lovelythings said she wanted to be surprised, so I figured vaguely femmeslashy Firefly gen from me, of all people, would be pretty surprising. Hexagram names on mouse-over.

"She doesn’t even look at me anymore," Nandi tells her, as she packs her valise. "It’s been 'The Receptive' for the last seven weeks. I didn’t even get to sit down this time."

"I’m sure there’s a very important lesson to be learned," Inara replies tactfully. "I'm sure if you just stay-" She lets the end of the sentence hang.

Nandi gives her a sad smile. “I’m not,” she replies. She kisses Inara sweetly when she goes, as if that will take away the sting of her leaving.

The paper in Inara's hand reads , just like it does every time. She crumples it in her fist.
Tags: challenges, fic, firefly, gen
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