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My Big Bang reviews: let me show you them

So, I thought, since there are so many stories, you would like to hear what I thought of them? I'm not doing art reviews, because, despite having a truly insane amount of training in iconography (for someone who's not an iconographer), uh, I don't really get how to art or how to talk about it? So, like, if John was a Christ figure and Rodney was dressed in the regalia of the Young Maize God and falling into the maw of the underworld, I'd be all over it.* Otherwise, every review I would write would say either "Ooh, purdy" or "That one dude's face looks weird."

Anyway. You should assume all these reviews have spoilers, but I've tried to keep anything really major back.

dreamwaffles - Calling Down the Lightning

This is just a lovely story. All the original characters are wonderfully vivid, especially Chava. A lot of work went into fleshing out minor canon characters as well; they have backstories that make sense and make their actions make sense. I thought the magic worked well, too; sometimes in stories like this, it can seem gimmicky, but in this one, it was a nice complement to the characters and their interactions.

There are points where it seemed like things worked out a little too conveniently- I'm thinking of the scene with Kavanaugh and Caldwell, in particular- but 1) it was also awesome 2) it only serves to reinforce the theme that this could happen to anybody and that nobody's really safe.

There were some pacing problems towards the end. We pretty much know how the story's going to pay off a couple thousand words prior to the end, and then it's just a lot of people moving around until then. I also would have liked to see Rodney deal with being bannished from Earth. John's also a little glib about sending people home who don't support him; don't get me wrong, I think he'd totally do it to get Rodney back, I just think he'd feel bad about it. But, none of these things was enough to significantly interfere with my enjoyment of the story.

Let me also note that the accompanying art is outstanding. The picture of Chava and Talia is particularly lovely.

Bottom line: Lovely characters. And magic! Highly recommended.

forestgreen - No Good Deed

I can't really properly review this fic, because I betaed it, and so I read it in pieces/before it was finished. But, I'm mentioning it because you should read it anyway, especially if you like John/Cam, John+Rodney, late SG-1, or thieves. Also check out crysothemis's illustration of John and Raven, which is awesome.

Kat Reitz (zaganthi) and perryvic - Mercy of the Fallen

So, this story wasn't initially on my list, but the art (which is by calcitrix, who did the art for my story) was just great, and I was totally intrigued.

Okay, so, you have to understand that I really like trashy fiction and that, despite having nothing to do with the comic book whatsoever, Constantine is one of my favorite "let's look at something badass on the TV" movies (I keep meaning to get into Hellblazer, but I'm afraid it'll be like when I discovered Grendel and read 26 issues in one night?). So obvs I loved this story, cause John's Constantine, and Rodney's an angel, and Carson, well, Carson's just adorable. It was a little info-dumpy, especially at the beginning, where several characters traded off on being Exposition Man, but it wasn't bad enough to stop me reading. The whole thing is a little trashy, but in a good, brain candy kind of a way, not a "god why am I reading this" kind of a way.

Did I mention all the hot threesome sex? Cause I feel it's important.

One thing- I could've stood to see a whole lot more Ronon and Teyla. Teyla was around, but she really didn't do much, and we hardly got to see Ronon be a badass at all, when he clearly could have been.

A caveat, though- if violence and torture don't sit well with you, avoid this story like the plague. It doesn't bother me in the least, but there's a lot of body horror and non-con.

Bottom line: Fighting demons! Going to Hell! Hot sex! Of course I recommend it!

omg_wtf_yeah - The Long Engagement

This story had so much potential that it just didn't live up to. The concept is really very cool- steampunk! Old time circuses! The lost city of Atlantis!- but in the end, it didn't pan out.

I couldn't decide when it was supposed to be set, and that bothered me. I couldn't decide if we were in mythical steampunk time or in steampunked historical time; the characters' speech is totally modern but all their stuff is old, and I found the combination jarring.

The pacing was also a problem. Nothing happens in this story until almost the end, except for Rodney and John being dicks to each other for poorly explained reasons. I'm also not even sure I know why Rodney wanted to marry Jennifer in the first place, and that's a problem given that's what the whole story's about. I got the sense that there was more interesting stuff going on than I was watching, and I hate that. What about Todd? What was up with Zelenka? What about the Lanteans?

Bottom line: If you really like steampunk, you might like this story. Otherwise, I don't recommend it.

*Anyone who draws that gains my undying affection forever. I'll even give you references.
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