The Midnight Rider (sabinelagrande) wrote,
The Midnight Rider

Is it time for Santa hat icons? I should get on that

You guys! My profile is a veritable blizzard (a cookie blizzard? They are meant to be cookies, aren't they?)! Thanks, bitter_crimson, lavvyan, kashmir1, mashimero, silverraven11, coffeesuperhero, ETA: zulu, leiascully, and anon! <3<3<3<3

And while we're shouting people out, it occurs to me that I'm dreadfully behind on answering email and messages (oh please, when am I ever caught up), so let me say:

half_elf_lost: I am that random person from Tennessee with the vaguely philosophical name, if you were wondering. :D

rosehiptea and silverraven11: Your packages came! Everything looks lovely and is working fine. <3

bironic and deelaundry and possibly theniwokesoftly: It looks like I am headed up that way? It'll be the second weekend in January.

I'm sure there are other things? IDK. I am still writing. I will be running around like the proverbial chicken until finals are over. Now to write a paper and finish this lecture (I suspect there will be a lot of "it are a fact, I know because I looked it up on wikipedia" in both).
Tags: fangirls = very yes
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