The Midnight Rider (sabinelagrande) wrote,
The Midnight Rider


(05:53:27 PM) arymabeth: GodDAMN the Quorum of Twelve needs to learn to use their parlimentary procedure
(05:53:50 PM) arymabeth: every single meeting so far has just been SCREAMING BANGING LOUD NOISES


(06:33:00 PM) sabinelagrande: ...does four people count as a gangbang?
(06:33:13 PM) arymabeth: ... it would in my book


(06:36:32 PM) arymabeth: ... so, I got on facebook today and some girl had sent me a friend request
(06:37:18 PM) arymabeth: her profile pic was of her dog, and her profile was locked down, but it said we had like 60 friends in common, and they were all folks from high school, so I figured she was someone I just didn't remember, or she went by her married name now or something
(06:37:21 PM) arymabeth: so I accepted
(06:37:28 PM) arymabeth: and now I looked at her profile
(06:37:35 PM) arymabeth: ... and I do not know this chick
(06:37:46 PM) arymabeth: I don't think I have ever met her in my life
(06:38:34 PM) arymabeth: and even once I saw her profile, she doesn't have any schools or college or job listed
(06:38:41 PM) arymabeth: so I have no idea who this person is
(06:39:06 PM) arymabeth: she has a boyfriend and a golden retriever and likes to take pictures with her drunk friends at parties where they drink lots of wine
(06:39:08 PM) arymabeth: idek
(06:39:09 PM) sabinelagrande: maybe she's a robot
(06:39:14 PM) sabinelagrande: ALL SHE WANTS IS YOUR LOVE
(06:39:23 PM) sabinelagrande: AND YOUR ENERGON CUBES
(06:39:25 PM) arymabeth: I HAVE NO LOVE FOR ROBOTS
(06:39:34 PM) arymabeth: WHAT IF SHE'S A CYLON?
(06:39:42 PM) sabinelagrande: OH GOD RUN
(06:39:44 PM) sabinelagrande: RUN FOREVER
(06:39:51 PM) sabinelagrande: CYLONS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON FACEBOOK
(06:40:07 PM) sabinelagrande: AND THE GODS
(06:41:10 PM) arymabeth: OH GODS
(06:42:34 PM) arymabeth: ... and now facebook is suggesting that I should be friends with someone who is trying to be Eminem.
(06:42:40 PM) sabinelagrande: ..
(06:42:41 PM) arymabeth: HE'S PROBABLY A DAMN CYLON, TOO
(06:42:49 PM) sabinelagrande: CYLONS EVERYWHERE
(06:43:10 PM) arymabeth: I DON'T TRUST THIS SHIT


(07:43:39 PM) arymabeth: I'm old and cranky and don't like change!
(07:43:44 PM) arymabeth: Get off my lawn!


(08:00:15 PM) sabinelagrande: however. if Abby were my daughter and Gibbs were her father, I would call CPS.


(08:06:03 PM) sabinelagrande: I want a "no romo" icon
(08:06:14 PM) arymabeth: ... hee
(08:06:36 PM) arymabeth: ... some of these people will just throw in a "So say we all" over any old thing, won't they?
(08:06:40 PM) sabinelagrande: yes.
(08:07:03 PM) arymabeth: "Today's menu is meatloaf and mashed potatoes with yeast rolls. So say we all."
(08:07:07 PM) sabinelagrande: bahahaha
(08:07:11 PM) sabinelagrande: SO SAY WE ALL
(08:08:05 PM) sabinelagrande: "Tonight is intermural pyramid night. teams are required to sign up with the CAG by 1300 hours. So say we all."
(08:08:52 PM) arymabeth: "Viper 13 is leaking hydraulic fluid and offline for the day. So say we all."
(08:10:17 PM) sabinelagrande: "Will whoever borrowed my squared-off duct tape please return it immediately. So say we all."
(08:10:46 PM) arymabeth: "I can't find my dogtags! So say we all!"
(08:11:09 PM) sabinelagrande: "Today is Tuesday! So say we all!"
(08:11:42 PM) arymabeth: "I frakked the XO's wife! So say we all!"
(08:11:54 PM) sabinelagrande: "Who hasn't! So say we all!"
(08:12:05 PM) arymabeth: ... you win
(08:12:17 PM) arymabeth: the broke-ass chair almost dumped me out
(08:12:17 PM) sabinelagrande: \o/
(08:12:38 PM) sabinelagrande: you beat me, though- I was gonna say "I frakked Starbuck! So say we all!"
(08:12:58 PM) arymabeth: hey, now that's something to cheer about
(08:13:12 PM) sabinelagrande: I'd put a sign on my frakking bunk
(08:13:29 PM) sabinelagrande: "STARBUCK FRAKKED HERE
(so say we all)"
(08:13:39 PM) arymabeth: on squared-off paper
(08:13:44 PM) sabinelagrande: obviousLee
(08:14:15 PM) arymabeth: (he totally had that sign. stole it from Sam's rack.)
(08:14:43 PM) sabinelagrande: (he folded it carefully and put it under his pillow. when no one was looking, he took it out and siiiiighed.)
(08:14:57 PM) arymabeth: (longingLee)
(08:15:17 PM) sabinelagrande: (then he pasted it into his scrapbook. with the dogtags that he also stole)
(08:15:30 PM) sabinelagrande: (I'm not sure when this turned into Growing Up Galactica)
(08:15:34 PM) arymabeth: (... Lee totally has a scrapbook)
(08:15:38 PM) arymabeth: (YES)
(08:15:59 PM) sabinelagrande: (Sam is obvs the Emmett)
(08:16:05 PM) arymabeth: (obvs)
(08:16:28 PM) sabinelagrande: (...which I think makes Roslin and Adama Carlysle and Carlysle's wife)
(08:16:40 PM) sabinelagrande: (...whatever her name is. Suzy.)
(08:16:51 PM) arymabeth: (Esme. But I like Suzy better.)


(08:19:43 PM) arymabeth: (also, I think the livejournals needs to hear our So Say We All conversation. as a break from all the wank)
(08:19:52 PM) sabinelagrande: (oh, obviousLee)
(08:20:14 PM) arymabeth: (I always wondered why y'all did that. now I understand why it makes everything better)
(08:20:33 PM) sabinelagrande: (see! it is clearLee the way!)
(08:20:45 PM) arymabeth: (undoubtedLee)
(08:21:46 PM) sabinelagrande: the livejournals might also need to hear about gibbs and abby. but only a little bit.
(08:22:02 PM) arymabeth: I would also support this
(08:22:14 PM) sabinelagrande: I could stand to hear a little bit more about gibbs and abby myself
Tags: bsg, fangirls = very yes, ncis, twilight, wraithburger
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