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Podfic: Upside Down and Inside Out

Title: Upside Down and Inside Out
Author: [personal profile] bironic
Reader: [personal profile] sabinetzin
Pairing: Temporarily-a-girl!John/Rodney
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,700
Summary: The Pelari's idea of a holy trinity offers an opportunity to try out John's new body.
Size/Length: 18mb; 19:39
Author's Notes: A Santa Madness PWP for Sabine, whose requests included: dubcon, AMTDI, bondage (particularly suspension), D/s (especially if the participants clearly love each other very much), dirty talk/verbal humiliation, spanking, genderswap, and bottom!Sheppard. Fic also contains established relationship, double penetration, a gag, and a cherry on top.
Acknowledgement: Thanks to [personal profile] synn for brainstorming and for letting me dash off the beginning of this while a guest in her corn on her couch.
Reader's Notes: For the suspension square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card, because obvs one good turn deserves another. I'm not a hundred percent happy with this, but if I sat here editing out every time you can hear me shift, we would be here all damn night. PS: I may have recorded parts of this with an actual rope in my mouth. JSYK.

Upside Down and Inside Out

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Tags: challenges, het, kink_bingo, podfic, sga, slash
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