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The Earth-Noise Intervene
Let's just stay in here and ignore what sounds like too much plot outside
Fic Roundup: 2013 
1st-Jan-2014 04:40 pm
marvel - purple barton
For previous years, see the fic roundup tag.

Agents of SHIELD

She Walked Like a Woman (Phil/Lola, Clint/Coulson, Phil/Lola/Clint, Explicit, 7365 words)
Okay so I know AoS is part of the MCU, but with the other MCU stories, I can't draw a line between them. I can generally draw a line between AoS and other MCU. Of course I say that, and this is the exception. IDK. This story sounded lolarious so I wrote it, so it is an AoS story that is not AoS compliant. Whoops?

Federal Regulations (Phil/Melinda, Explicit, 1079 words)
Aw yeah, fucking in the cockpit, funny on multiple levels.

No Right To Remain Silent (Phil/Melinda, Explicit, 1213 words)
I wanted to write this for like a long time, because I saw a scene like this once, and it was pretty awesome (it was maledom though). And then hotness occurred.

Amateurs (Skye/Ward, Explicit, 2110 words)
A prompt fic. Because srs, I think we could all stand a little more of Ward taking it up the ass.

Big Talk (Skye/Ward, Phil/Everyone, Mature, 1904 words)
Funnily enough, this story is also a prompt fic that involves Ward taking it up the ass.

Randomly Generated (Phil/Fitzsimmons, Explicit, 2316 words)
Pearwaldorf asked for Phil topping, and she REALLY needs to learn to be more specific.

Automatic Locks (Phil/Skye, Explicit, 2000 words)
Some rando on tumblr wanted this, and it was super hot, so I wrote it. A common theme. Idk, something about Phil/Skye appeals to me. In my pants.


Game On

Double Jeopardy (Phil/Melinda/Ward, Explicit, 6099 words)
Um, I don't rememver why I wrote this one, but isn't it hot?

Triple Word Score (Phil/Melinda/Ward, Skye/Ward, Explicit, 2771 words)
I wrote this one solely because I wanted to write a story called Triple Word Score. The next one in the series is called Five Card Stud, and with any luck it'll be in next year's roundup.

MCU (movies)

claim me (Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 1264 words)
Something about people wearing their significant others' clothing just appeals to me.

ten days late (Tony/Pepper, Teen, 3074 words)
This isn't based on a Third Eye Blind song and I don't know why you think it is.

if you're afraid to say, but you'd like to try (Tony/Pepper, Phil & Pepper, Phil & Tony, Teen, 1934 words)
Either I wrote this after I tried fireplay, or after I read Fifty Shades and Mister Twoo Dominate wouldn't do it because EL James doesn't know what it is. Probably both.

They Take Apart Their Nightmares (Tony/Pepper, Tony & Rhodey, Mature, 10150 words)
This is poss. my favorite story I wrote this year, and it is in fact one of my best stories in this fandom.

Audience of One (Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 1373 words)
Somebody was bitching about there not being enough Tony/Pepper pegging porn (I consistently write it Tony/Pepper but Pepper almost always tops), and I was like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, because my "hold my beer" mentality will get me killed one day.

Come With Me And Escape (Clint/Coulson, General Audiences, 467 words)
Lol remember when those panels from Secret Avengers #1 came out and the C/C fandom went batshit for pineapple and coconut scones for like a day and a half?

Trouble on the Way (Phil/Steve, Explicit, 7647 words)
This is a story that almost didn't get finished. Like three or four thousand words of it sat in a doc for ten forevers before I actually powered through the rest of it.

Try the Salsa (Clint/Coulson, General Audiences, 1367 words)
Me and [personal profile] shadowen came up with this one day on AIM, and there was always supposed to be more of it, but it did not come to pass.

And Then Some (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 1663 words)
Idk, this was one of those stories that came out of nowhere so I wrote it.

Contentious (Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 1775 words)
Man, this story got some creepy-ass comments.

like the ceiling can't hold us (Phil/Natasha/Everyone, Explicit, 3221 words, WIP)
This was a great title until that song got REALLY popular and was like the summer jam. Which is unfortunate because I also had a GREAT John Dies at the End vid planned out to it, but I missed my window. Anyway I like this story. It just stalled out because Natasha POV is hard.

Silky (Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 1014 words)
Because [personal profile] bendingwind dared me. IDK. I actually don't care for dudes in panties? But here we are anyway.

The Case of the Diamond Hammer (Loki/Sif, Explicit, 1937 words)
I only wrote the second half of this in 2013, because the first chapter was my M&M story last year. I really like this AU though, but unfortunately I forgot most of the plot. Whoops.

On Loan (Pepper/Phil, Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 2422 words)
Things that there are not enough of: Pepper/Phil; verbal humiliation.

we wished upon parallel lines (Pepper/Rhodey, Tony/Pepper/Rhodey, Teen, 1347 words)
I canNOT hear All Alright without thinking of Tony. This was stuck in my head a long time before I wrote it.

A Pal and a Confidant (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 2421 words)
Okay for personal reasons I really really really hate soulbonding. So sometime around here [personal profile] bendingwind kept daring me to write subversive stories about tropes I hate, so here we are.

white hot thing (Maria/Natasha, Explicit, 880 words)
Just a little flogging, as one does.

When We Go (Tony/Pepper, Team, Mature, 1491 words)
I really hate apocafic? It makes me really depressed. So for some reason I killed all the Avengers multiple times? IDK, something about doing it this way helped.

Cooler (Clint/Coulson, Teen, 1017 words)
Lol this is the other one [personal profile] bendingwind dared me to write, only it's ABO.

to see my baby's blue eyes shine (Steve/Natasha, Explicit, 1158 words)
I kinda wrote this story just to prove I could. And apparently I can.

it comes with an instruction manual (Tony/Pepper, Tony/Pepper/Bruce, Explicit, 2758 words)
There was more of this universe that I wrote after RCRG training, because I hated it So. Much. so I wrote it to make myself feel better. But it never got done, so here we are.

Your Feedback Is Appreciated (Tony/Pepper, Pepper/Tentacles, Explicit, 2672 words)
Things there are not enough of: ladies getting fucked by consentacles.

fire's gonna burn (Loki/Sif, Explicit, 1184 words)
Sometimes trailers make us do things.

had joys no date (Loki/Sif, Teen, 2500 words)
I LITERALLY worked on this story for eleven months, but FINALLY I posted it.

Listed (Tony/Pepper, Mature, 200 words)
For some reason I only wrote a handful of post-IM3 stories? Here's one.

Cold Turkey (Pepper/Tony, Teen, 583 words)
And here's another. I was convinced Tony had gotten Extremis, so here we are.

Captain America Made Me Gay (Phil/Steve, Clint & Coulson, General Audiences, 1745 words)
This one came out of Texts From The Avengers, and tbqh I'm SHOCKED it's the only one.

Glamour Girl (Steve/Pepper, Tony/Pepper, Steve/Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 4467 words)
Me and [personal profile] coffeesuperhero had a long discussion on the right way to spell "glamour." Because it REALLY bothers me when there's British orthography in Steve stories? But we were pretty convinced that "glamor" wasn't a word. Still not sure whether we were right or not.

Bottom Dollar (Clint/Coulson, Clint/Coulson/Tony, Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 3743 words)
We could all stand a little more of Tony getting turned out in our lives.

One, Two (Tony/Shoes, Tony/Pepper, Teen, 626 words)
This one is the start of my KB speed test line (you can bingo at KB in around four hours if you try, I learned). [archiveofourown.org profile] Jezibelle wanted shoe kink with men's shoes, so here we are.

Blowing Up (Tony/Pepper, Teen, 517 words)
Lol text messages. Someone podficced this and I'm still not sure how.

Goldilocks (Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 756 words)
This story may or may not be in the Happy Funtimes universe secretly, because something really similar happens in It's On.

Have Fun (Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 812 words)
Pretty sure [personal profile] eruthros prompted this one. Not much to say about it, tbh.

lose my footing and fall (Phil/Steve, Teen, 538 words)
This was for Capsicoul Day, and illustrates why I never write sub!Phil.

Can't Take 'Em Anywhere (Tony/Pepper, Clint/Steve, Steve/Clint/Phil, Maria/Natasha, Explicit, 1899 words)
For the longest time I just had the line, "In Andahuaylas, Clint bit a hole in a leather glove" in my head. Aw yeah, and who's the motherfucker who can spell Andahuaylas right on the first try while drunk?

Baby Bump (Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 1014 words)
This was a really different story about body image issues and personal autonomy, but it got SO complicated that I was finally like FUCK IT AND THEN THEY BONED

Nice Thought (Phil/Steve/Natasha, Mature, 1176 words)
Aw yeah, Steve's bottom fantasies are always a good time.

Cold Water Wake-Up (Clint/Coulson, Teen, 740 words)
In the category of punishments I could not withstand.

a drunkard's dream (if I ever did see one) (Pepper/Tony/OFC, Explicit, 2359 words)
Tony is SUCH a bag of dicks in this story, and I love The Band.

Fixed Trajectory (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 1574 words)
Okay so backstory: a while ago, I started writing an original novella that I was planning to submit to a publisher who wanted queer edgeplay stories. So I got like 12k into it, set it aside for a couple of months, came back, and was like, "This is complete shit." Since the story was C/C with the serial numbers filed off to start with, I just put the serial numbers back on and posted the hottest part, because I was in a dry spell and wanted to post SOMETHING.

Listen Up (Pepper/Rhodey/Tony, Mature, 1320 words)
IDK and then sometimes you have a hot idea.

Section 65 (Clint/Coulson, Steve/Natasha, Tony/Pepper, Thor/OMC, Explicit, 6175 words)
IDK man, I had pretty much decided I was done with C/C? But then I woke up one morning and was like TIME TO SHIP CLINT/COULSON AGAIN and wrote like a katrillion words.

Direct Your Attention To My Crotch (Clint/Coulson, Tony/Pepper, Steve/Natasha, Explicit, 7015 words)
I actually had A Reason and An Agenda for writing this story. And then Pepper texted Phil and it went COMPLETELY TO SHIT. But like Section 65, this is a stealth story: Section 65 is a sex pollen story that's actually about Clint's abandonment issues, and this one is a size kink story that's actually about Tony being twelve.

Rosewater and Cayenne (Loki/Sif, General Audiences, 1036 words)
Lol when I said on tumblr I hadn't written a high school AU, I was lying, because this one was already up. Just some cute last-minute silliness for an M&M pinch hit.

Job Description (Tony/OFC, Tony/Pepper, Pepper & OFC, Explicit, 6808 words)
I actually never liked how this story came out? I like the premise a lot, but it really needed to be 3k longer.


Concerning Philippa

why don't we get together (Phil/Steve, Explicit, 7271 words, WIP)
If you're playing along at home, this is the girl!Phil story. Only some of these chapters are from 2013. I really need to finish it, because there are only two chapters to go, and they're partially written.

the temple of bondage

obeisance (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 2080 words)
IDK sometimes you want to write scent kink.

supplicant (Clint/Coulson, Coulson & Fury, Teen, 2052 words)
I caught hell over this story? Like, any time you say "Why can't you take a joke", it means you're being a bag of dicks and don't know it. But either I didn't execute part of the humor in this correctly or people were overly sensitive about it. IDK. Either way the series is over, so there.

Black Market Baby

Black Market Baby (Tony/Pepper, Tony & Rhodey, Explicit, 10694 words)
This was another "lol I wonder if I could" stories. It was conceived while I was listening to I'm Your Late Night Evening Prostitute (which despite appearances is not actually a song about prostitution), but I couldn't very well call it that.

ain't no way to stop (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 1583 words)
Sometimes you just want to write something really, really filthy. Consensual infidelity is hot.

quite a bill (Clint/Pepper/OMC, Pepper/Natasha, Explicit, 2400 words)
This one is maybe the most... realistic of these stories? IDK.

whiskey in a teacup (Tony/Pepper/Clint, Explicit, 1595 words)
This came from a throwaway line in the first story that I wasn't actually going to do anything with, but someone made me write it. [personal profile] shadowen?

a camel through a needle (Tony/Pepper, General Audiences, 1292 words)
I wrote this for Fat Tuesday, mostly because I wanted Tony eating king cake.


Home Maintenance: A Maria Hill Guide (Fury/Hill, Explicit, 2182 words)
Wow, I didn't realize I wrote this series in 2012. Anyway, I love me some Fury/Hill, especially with dom!Fury.

Clint Barton's Tactical Field Manual (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 2101 words)
Punishment sex is hot, what can I say?


Five Times It Mattered (And One Time It Really Did) (Charles/Pickles, Nathan & Skwisgaar), Mature, 2251 words)
I'm actually kind of shocked I wrote this fandom this year? But this is another story that was around FOREVER. I wasn't gonna finish it at all, because I figured nobody cared but [personal profile] arymabeth and she'd already read it, but I got bored. I like it a lot, actually, but I love D/s AU.

Stargate Atlantis

Cheap Mascara (John/Rodney, Explicit, 650 words)
So here's a bizarre piece of trivia. A lot of this was cut out of a Phil/Steve story. I know, I know, but where it came in the Phil/Steve story was like 5k words in, so it made more sense. Also, my precious boys. <3 <3 <3

Ultimate Spider-Man

wrapped around your finger (Tony/Peter, Luke/Danny, Explicit, 3372 words)
I got really super into this fandom kinda overnight, then left it fairly quickly (after I collected all of series 1 of the Fighter Pods, that is). But I am ALL about some dirtybadwrong, in any fandom.

Let It Fall (Luke/Danny, Teen, 1095 words)

Welcome to Night Vale

One Year Chip (Cecil/Carlos, Teen, 785 words)
And then I discovered Night Vale and it all went to shit.

After Sunrise (Cecil/Carlos, General Audiences, 825 words)
Because I only kinda sorta get service kink?

Raw Data (Cecil/Carlos, Explicit, 1261 words)
Fun fact: the first Explicit Cecil/Carlos fic on the AO3. SO ALL YOU KIDS CAN GET THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN

It Came From the Sky (Cecil/Carlos, Teen, 1180 words)
I actually really adore this story. Making out in the oozy grass is the way to go.

You're My Moon (Cecil/Carlos, General Audiences, 853 words)
I wanted to write something with authority figures that was different, so there you go.

not like the old days (Cecil/Carlos, Explicit, 1361 words)
I really like this story too. It's way better than Raw Data, despite the fact that Raw Data got all the kudos.

A Brief Editorial (Cecil/Carlos, Mature, 896 words)
Ahahahaha oh Cecil. Bless your precious face. Also PS I hid two of the people in my department in this story as interns, even though I wish them the best.

Face for Radio (Cecil/Carlos, General Audiences, 945 words)
I kind of can't stand tattooed!Cecil fanon now? But this was kinda before that. That's my excuse, anyway.

seeing clear (Cecil/Carlos, Explicit, 1168 words)

Behavior Unbecoming A Journalist (Cecil/Cecil's rage, Teen, 610 words)
This story continues to amuse the shit out of me. Brad is, after Dana, my favorite intern.

Huge Success (Cecil/Carlos, Explicit, 2182 words)
I have been trying to write a story with dilators for TEN FOREVERS, and here it is.

The FCC Won't Let Me Be (Cecil/Carlos, Explicit, 1206 words)
Oh god this is such a stupid story with such a stupid genesis and it became a stupid thing with a bunch of repods and I love it.

we're just lost along the way (Cecil/Carlos, Teen, 1592 words)
I didn't base this on a Randy Travis song and I don't know why you think I did.

it's a dirty job (Cecil/Carlos, Explicit, 1313 words)
Aw yeah, we can all appreciate some consensual non-consent.

Wriggle (Cecil/Carlos, Explicit, 1776 words)
Lol and then I got FUCKING SICK of all the BORING ASS tentacle porn in Night Vale fandom, and this happened.

Kiss The Cook (Cecil/Carlos, Teen, 548 words)
Someone pointed out that in Blinking Light Up On the Mountain, all this catastrophe was happening, and Cecil had to at some point go over to Carlos's house and find Carlos like making eggs, and this happened.

Informed Consent (Cecil/Carlos, Explicit, 5054 words)
IDK why I wrote this story. It seemed like a good idea at the time. While I was writing it, [personal profile] thingswithwings was writing a similar but totally different story? And we kept copying each other while working TOTALLY independently. It was pretty great.

This Girl I Know (Cecil/Carlos, Cecil & Dana, Mature, 3715 words)
I really love this story. HATERS GONNA HATE

sip slow (Cecil/Carlos, Explicit, 1509 words)
IDK for like a week I had a lot of vampire feels.


Blake's 7/Welcome to Night Vale

Down the Corridor (Gen, General Audiences, 1409 words)
Lol idk, it was hilarious to me to have Dana mistaken for Dayna, because I'm like 12.

John Dies at the End (movie)/MCU

Fury Does Not Die at the End (Gen, General Audiences, 1188 words)
I LOVE this movie, and I LOVE Nick Fury, and all is well.

Marvel 616/MCU

Love By Gaslight (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 1753 words)
The weirdest comment I got on this was that it wasn't actually creepy, because Phil loved Clint? Which is 1) not what I was going for 2) SUPER WEIRD.

Blow the Man Down (Pepper/Tony, Maria/Natasha, Ava/Kate, Jane/Thor, Explicit, 11352 words)
This is actually a triple crossover with USM. But PIRATES. Sadly, I didn't feel like this got the love it deserved. PIRATES.

Pretty Cool (Kate/Phil/Clint, Explicit, 5711 words)
Because we could all use some more young ladies in a femdom capacity, amirite?



The Weather's Nice In Stockholm (Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 2106 words)
This verse started because I thought this was a cool title, ngl.

A Minute To Learn, A Lifetime To Master (Clint/Coulson, Tony/Pepper, Mature, 3783 words)
I had like, easily 40k of this universe planned out, and I hit a snag and didn't like the response I got, so I just ragequit it, and I probably won't be back. Whoops.

MCU/Pacific Rim

Defend Me Still (Loki/Sif, Frigga/Odin, Teen, 4048 words)
For M&M! NGL, I already wanted to write one and was delighted to get this prompt. There is, like, a holy hell of a lot more of this verse that may or may not get written.


Dance With the One That Brought You (Erik/Charles, Erik/Steve, Erik/Mystique, General Audiences, 2542 words)
This is from a much longer story that never actually got written, but I was so fond of it I posted it anyway.

MCU/Welcome to Night Vale

The Job Fair (Cecil/Carlos, Clint/Coulson, Teen, 5337 words)
Man, talk about a story that just EXPLODED.

Ficlet collections

Femslash February Ficlets (Archer, MCU, USM, various pairings, Mature, 2500 words)

Marvel One-Shots Vol. 2 (MCU, AoS, various pairings, Explicit, 16120 words, WIP)



you are coming down with me (Loki/Sif, Teen, 13:51 min)
I wanted to record this for ten forevers. IDK if it was as effective as the written version? But w/e I liked it anyway.

Five Other Uses for the Arc Reactor (Pepper/Tony, Bruce/Tony, Explicit, 36:35 min, story by [personal profile] thingswithwings)
NGL this was very fun and included recording lines with a pillow over my face. IDK if it was hot or not, but here we are.

Tell Me About Phil (Clint/Coulson, Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 1 hr 16 min)
This is far and away the longest podfic I have ever attempted. It was really hard and prob it is not great, but BY GOD I DID IT.

Welcome to Night Vale

Somewhere a Band is Playing (Cecil/Carlos, Mature, 16:19 min, with [archiveofourown.org profile] shadowen, story by [archiveofourown.org profile] indigostohelit)
This is my faaaaaaaaavorite podfic I have ever done. I love it to little bits.

It's Spring Somewhere, Night Vale (Cecil/Carlos, Mature, 25:33 min, story by [profile] leiascully)
This one, not so bad either. Though it may be the last one I record here, because this house is So. Loud. that it almost didn't get done at all.



Glorious, Victorious (Gen, Teen, 0:45 min)
I really, really adore this, because this song is so great. This isn't even my fandom, but I really love the way it turned out.


Become My Friend (Everyone/Everyone, Everyone/Violence, Teen, 4:28 min)
Because beatdowns are just another way of saying I love you.

Female Phenomenon (Gen, General Audiences, 2:33 min)
Ahahaha I had so much fun making this ridic thing, though, in the grand style of vids, I scrapped a lot of it at various points.

Litany (Tony/Pepper, General Audiences, 4:10 min)
This is probably the best-executed vid I have ever made, which is possibly related to the fact that it has a lot of long, slow clips in it. Whoops.

The Rise and Fall of Obadiah Stane (Tony/Pepper, Pepper/Obadiah, Teen, 2:52 min)
I have been waiting to make this vid since WELL before I learned to vid. It has been in my head since the beginning of forever, and I am glad it turned out.

16 fandoms
257220 words
2hr 48min of podfic
14min 48sec of vids
= a productive year!

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