The Midnight Rider (sabinelagrande) wrote,
The Midnight Rider

It's that time again!

Time to sell off BPAL! You should buy some. It's for a great cause. Granted, that cause is helping me add to one of my tattoos, but it's a great tattoo.

I take paypal only. Shipping/handling is $4.50 for US, USPS with tracking number; ask for a quote on international orders and expedited shipping. Will only take orders for four or more imps, one or more bottles, or any combination of imps and bottles. I am not swapping at this time. If you're planning to buy and you see anything on the list that you definitely DON'T want, please include a note.

5ml bottles: Priced as marked. All bottles have intact labels in good condition.

Chaos Theory IV (number effaced, but said MLV), 80%, $18
John Barleycorn 2011, 80%, $15
Leather Phoenix 2011, at shoulder, $18
Thirteen (13) May 2011, at shoulder, $18
Wrath, marked 2/11, at shoulder, $15
Wretched Rose Window, 80%, $15

Current GC imps: $2 per, unless noted. Labels may be rolled, slightly bent, or dingy, but unless noted imps are unused/used only once or twice. No decants- all original packaging, including the Neil Gaiman scents.

Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo
Baron Samedi
Black Forest - slightly torn label, $1.50
Calico Jack
Crowley x2
Deep in Earth
High-Strung Daisies
Jack x2
No. 93 Engine
Pontarlier - slightly torn label, $1.50
Sed Non Satiata
Temple of Dreams
The Bow and Crown of Conquest
Wolf's Heart

Discontinued GC imps: $3 per, unless noted. Same disclaimers as above.

Forbidden Fruit - stained label, $2
Peitho - slightly stained label, $2
Slobbering Pine - bent/stained label, $2

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